Car Insurance Quotes : What is Car Insurance

Car Insurance Quotes

What is Car Insurance Car Insurance is a vehicle policy to protect yourself from financial losses arising from unforeseen
risks such as accidents thefts or Third Party Liabilities It is also known as
auto or motor insurance As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Motor Car Insurance is mandatory in India. You can avail Four Wheeler Insurance to
obtain cover for you (insured party), your car (insured vehicle) and third
parties (other vehicles and their property You can renew or Buy Car
Insurance for both new as well as pre-owned cars. The validity of a Car Insurance Policy is one year which means that you have to renew it
annually before expiry. Car Insurance Quotes

premiums to the Car Insurance company ::

The car owners have to pay premiums to the Car Insurance company to buy the policy. You can claim the policy amount as reimbursement from the Car
Insurance Company to cover the cost of damages incurred due to accidents
or any subsequent liabilities. The cost of premium depends on several
factors such as make, model, year manufactured, engine capacity, Insured
Declared Value (IDV), location and driver’s age/gender/marital status/occupation, among a few others. A Car Insurance policy gives you confidence and peace of mind about the safety of the owner-driver, vehicle
and third parties. These days, you can even buy an Online Car Insurance
policy without needing to visit the insurance company office in person

Coverage against

Damage or loss due to disasters such as theft, fire and
Financial and legal liability arising out of death, bodily injury or loss/damage caused to property owned by a third party.
The repairs of vehicles in case of damages due to an accident.

Benefits to survivors

Benefits to survivors in case of death due to an accident.
Avoid a dent in personal savings in case of loss and damage due to
unfortunate events related to your car‐little savings today can save you from big financial trouble tomorrow.
Saving time in finding garages and claim settlements which can be tedious and stressful in the aftermath of accidents.
Availability of Add-On Covers to provide life coverage to co-passengers, meet medical and hospital cash expenses, cover expenses of replacing lost and stolen key, counter depreciation and more ..

Third Party Liability

This is the minimum and compulsory Four-Wheeler Insurance cover that
you need to take as per the motor law in India. This type of insurance policy provides coverage with respect to property damages, injuries, disability or death of third parties such as pedestrians as well as drivers and occupants of other vehicles. However , this type of insurance protects the interest of only third parties, not yours.

Third Party Liability Plan

  • Compensation for bodily injury to third parties due to an accident caused by your car.
  • Compensation for property damage to others due to an accident caused by your car. This property could be a car or any other property of third parties.
  • Compensation to survivors in case of death of third parties due to an
  • accident caused by your car.

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